Git Working with Remotes: Fetch, Add, Push, Pull

1. “git remote -v” shows you the URLs that Git has stored for the shortname to be used when reading and writing to that remote 

2. “git remote add [shortname] [url]” add a new remote Git repository as a shortname you can reference easily 

3. “git fetch [remote-name]“ works pretty much like Get Latest Version as in Microsoft TFS (does not do merge automatically for you).

4. “git pull" generally fetches data from the server you originally cloned from and automatically tries to merge it into the code you’re currently working on. 

5. “git push [remote-name] [branch-name]” push data upstream.

6. “git remote show remote_name”, “git remote rm remote_name”, “git remote rename remote_name_before remote_name_after”. 

Written on November 6, 2014